8 March 2017

How to be a Bad Bitch: 20 Must Have Qualities

How to be a Bad Bitch: 20 Must Have Qualities

Let’s keep it short and to the point. Like any true bad bitch, I am not going to waste my time to explain every point in this list. Either you get it or you don’t. Good luck with Bad Bitchin.

bad bitch

1.Female who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it
2.Female who is always ready for anything physically, emotionally, and also intellectually
(one being book smart as well as street smart).
3.One who is classy and all about business
4.Last but certainly not least one who knows how to take care of her man at home and in the streets and remains loyal to him(her man), herself, and the game at which she plays.


  • Be Fearless!

  • Dress to impress,  SWAG

  • Be financially independent and get a life of your own

  • Act like a lady think like a boss

  • Work on yourself: Improve, upgrade and update

  • Never send your nude photos

  • Your life is ending one minute at a time. Value your time

  • Be spontaneous

  • Follow your gut feeling

  • Go Getter. Has her shit together

  • Do not use sex to get things

  • Have an open mind

  • Be picky with who, when and where to have sex

  • Quality vs. Quantity

  • Lots of true friends, fuck fake friends you don´t need them

  • Only surround yourself with successful, positive, real people

  • Avoid and ignore energy vampires, crazy makers and toxic people at all cost

  • Stand up, respect and love yourself

  • Take care of your self like a princess and your body like a temple

  • Fam comes first

  • Hoes before bros!

  • Don´t take yourself too serious

  • Karma is the Baddest Bitch