6 May 2017

Graphic Design & Typography: Top 5 Trends in 2017

Graphic Design & Typography: Top 5 Trends in 2017

Visual Samples and guides on current Graphic Design and logo trends. Download ready to use Photoshop files and free fonts to help you start your new project. Some of these samples are hand picked with ready to use templates from Graphic River,  you can use these for your designs or use it as an starting point.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends:

  • Mixed Fonts

  • Artistic / Handwritten

  • Script

  • Vintage / Slab Serifs

  • Bold Supersized Text




These amazing templates are great for beginners, you can download the Layered Photoshop files and learn from the pros. If you are on the deadline,  it will give you a good jump start to finish your design much faster.


1: Mixed Fonts

This is pretty self explanatory. Want a cool looking logo, find fonts the mix well and whoala!

mixed-fonts-trends-02by madebyradio  and davidcran

2: Handwritten Fonts & Logos

Are you good in drawing? Great! Draw and scan your logo for a cool handwritten look.

Graphic-Design-trends-Alexander Sapelkin
Here is beautiful sample. Rex logo/branding by amazing designer

3: Script

Download Still Shine Typeface and use it for logo, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.


Gullever display-script-font

4: Vintage / Slab Serif Fonts

What is Slab Serif ? In typography, a slab serif (also called mechanistic, square serif, antique or Egyptian) typeface is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs. Serif terminals may be either blunt and angular (Rockwell), or rounded (Courier).


Slab Serif goes way back to 1800’s in the Great Britain during Industrial Revolution. You know what they say, all great things come back in style. Well Slab Serif just keeps coming back.


2015-11-06 16-43-11 Carsonified

5: Large Text

Make a statement be bold! Great for websites, posters and flyers.

big-fonts-webby LRXD


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